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Continuity Profits Review | Profit Society Review Part 1 of 3

Attn Affiliate Marketers, Ecom Store Owners and people who want to learn how to make money on line…from marketers who not only teach but do!


The first question I would like to answer is Who am I and why listen to my me?My reviews are based on products and training I buy to use and learn from so I can help my clients and my students.

Proof Of My Purchase

Yes you see correctly that there are 266 products that are listed in my accounts

Who are James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy?


I have personally followed James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy for Over 4 /12 years and bought SAAS, training, plugins, software and I have always managed to get a takeaway from their trainings to help me in my personal marketing development or my business.

In fact I have started businesses , such as “Get Your Own TV Channel on Roku” from an information training product that James launched.

In Live Review Video 2 I will cover WHAT you will get in Continuity Profits and the Profit Society Membership I  can’t recommend Continuity Profits and Profit Society enough.

Though before we get in the depths of this ridiculously low priced offer, I wanted to make sure you know you will be learning and getting support from the real deal.


Amazon Video Direct Review | Nine Figure Fresh Review | James Renouf

Nine Figure Fresh Reveals Amazon Video Direct

In case You Missed my Walkthrough With Dr Alex Davidovic

Why Listen to Me?

Once I purchased my copy @ 5am I spent the following 3 hours watching, researching and testing settings for my videos.

I purchased everything on offer ( Proof Below )

12 234 121 7.23.15 AM

What is the Opportunity Behind Amazon Video Direct ?

If you create content online, you are going to see how you can go after over 200 million buyers (and growing exponentially daily) in a way that NO ONE is doing right now.

This is something that can and must be used by anyone in the marketing community. 

From the brand new person to the seasoned professional everyone is going to take a look at this once they realise the opportunity and who better than James Renouf to break this down.

Imagine being able to position yourself when Youtube first came on the scene, well this isn’t the same thing, it’s 100 times better.

I know, I know, a bit hypey, but Amazon has backed the release of this platform with access to a guaranteed 1 million dollar payout each month!

I guess you are now you’re taking this seriously?

Not only are you going to have access to hundreds of millions of people on Amazon.

Not only are you going to be able to get on television at will.

Not only can you make money without ever having a product.

On top of all of that if that wasn’t enough. You are going to have access to a guaranteed 1 million dollars a month. Here is how it works.

The top 100 videos for the month on this new platform are going to share in a one milliondollar pie.

If you get 20 % of the views you get 200 k. It is as simple as that.

That is part of the reason for the urgency here. This platform has just been launched and the contest begins in June.

Right now there is zero competition. What is the competition going to be like in a year?

I can tell you it will be exponentially more in the future.

Right now is your opportunity to grab a hold of this platform and go for it.

This 1 million is on top of all of the monetization strategies that you get paid for regardless if you are one of the top 100. That is on top of it!

Get Nine Figure Fresh

Why James Renouf & Nine figure Fresh?

I personally buy everything that James Renouf releases because its cutting edge and you know that everyone else will probably find out about it months later.

James introduced us to Instagram, retargeting and he has done it again.

I could go on about why he is the trusted authority when it comes to disruptive marketing, but I think his results speak for themselves…

james renouf

Who is Amazon Video Direct for and Why You Should Get James Renoufs Step by Step Walkthrough Nine Figure Fresh?

If you are into affiliate marketing, Biz opp, ecom, List Building, Offline, seo, social media, video, webinars, product creation (The list goes on and on) you must use the strategies in this course.

I do not care what your level is. It does not matter your age or where you are from. What matters is that you have the desire to succeed.

This product is like having a loaded M 16 in a field full of water balloons. You are going to make a big splash.

This course is going to give you access to over 200 million buyers. All without having any product of your own be it digital or physical.  

If you have your own products or something to sell even better. Without having any experience you can get paid.

I know that sounds crazy and it is. You want to be an authority? This will give it to you. You want to sell products? This will give it to you. You want traffic? This will give it to you.

You want to be on television screens all over the world for free? This will give it to you. Do you want to be able to completely outsource this? Again the list goes on and on. It is hard to write all of the benefits into a short sales letter. This is next level thinking and action taking.

The insane thing about this is you don’t have to pay a dime to do make this work. It is all free. What you have here is the power of million dollar production companies with the ease of use of YouTube. When you see how this is done you are going to step back and have your mind blown at the absolutely incredible opportunity ahead of you.

When you know what to do from the strategies in this course you are going to have your head spin. For those that are into Kindle and ecom opportunities this is going to blow your mind. This method will help you increase sales like crazy with those but that is just the beginning. This product lets anyone succeed on this platform today. Not tomorrow, not next week but today from the comfort of your own home without having an ebook for kindle or a physical product. You can literally start with nothing. Are you able to breath? Then this is an opportunity for you. This can work for everyone. You just have to follow the steps.

With simple to follow instructions we lay out the whole process. What to do and not what to do on this brand new special platform. In my opinion this platform is going to disrupt the billion dollar information marketing industry.

With over nine figures worth of paying customers with these fresh new strategies on a brand new platform you are going to be open to a brand new world.

Get Nine Figure Fresh